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How Much Money Can I get from a Truck Accident? A LOT!

Payment for assurance agency

The purpose of our article is to keep it simple and in layman terms for learning purposes. For starters, if you are dealing with a personal injury involving a truck accident, be aware that a Trucking company must have a minimum of $750,000 in auto liability insurance. This is an absolute requirement. However, most trucking companies have a lot more. How do we know this? That’s because our personal injury lawyer owned and operated a trucking company before he became a truck accident lawyer. Thus, when dealing with personal injury involving a truck accident, our truck attorney, Oscar Ischiu, has more trucking experience than any other truck accident lawyer in the entire State of California. These are some strong words but let us know if you ever meet a truck accident attorney that has ran a truck maintenance shop, has changed a 22.5 low pro tire on a tractor, has knowledge of tractor maintenance computer diagnostic, owned semi tractor-trailers, brokered millions of dollars in freight, hired drivers, audited driver safety logs, among other trucking skills. Therefore, our truck accident lawyer located in West Covina knows how trucking companies think, how trucking companies lie to avoid liability, and what steps trucking companies take to cut corners that cause a semi-truck accident. This means that our clients are automatically in a much better position when dealing with a personal injury claim involving a truck accident.

How Much insurance do Trucking Companies Have?

For example, first you must know that most trucking companies get work to haul freight for hire from a freight broker. A freight broker is a 3rd party company that a shipper hires to coordinate the transportation. Let us give you an example. Our truck accident lawyer Oscar Ischiu, before he became a truck accident lawyer, was also a freight broker (he has lived trucking his entire life!). Meaning, that companies such a Costco would hire our lawyer (before he was truck accident lawyer of course) and would request 5 full truckloads shipments from CA to TX. Oscar then contracted trucking companies for hire to complete these shipments in which Oscar kept a small percentage for his freight broker services. So why do these shippers not call the truckers directly themselves you may ask? Simple, these shippers want to move freight fast, and they only want to have 1 contact, not hundreds of truckers. Just imagine how many shipments Walmart transports a day; can you imagine talking to hundreds of truckers? Exactly, thus, it is more feasible discussing this with a freight broker and have the freight broker deal with all the scheduling headaches.

However, a freight broker generally requires the trucking company to have a minimum of $1,000,000 (one million) in auto liability insurance which is more than the requirement from the FMCSA of $750,000. The big players, such as Landstar, FedEX Freight, FedEx Ground, FedEx, Amazon, UPS Freight, UPS Ground, etc., have what is called General Liability insurance, in addition to the auto liability, and we have seen such policies of general liability insurance of up to $5,000,000 (five million dollars).

So now that you have learned a little bit of how trucking companies make money which then gives us a better understanding how much liability insurance they have, you can figure that when dealing with a personal injury claim that involves a truck accident, if you have a knowledgeable truck attorney that understands trucking, your chances of getting paid increases. While another truck accident lawyer begins by asking the insurance company of the policy limit, our truck accident lawyer would be able to find out exactly what that limit is through his current contacts with trucking. Once our West Covina truck accident lawyer with offices in Monrovia, CA, attorney Oscar knows the limit, he will be able to really assess the situation. Again, the minimum requirement for a trucking company is $750k.

Proving Fault

First, it is imperative to prove fault on the trucking company, and your chances of proving these increases if you hire truck accident lawyer, attorney Oscar for your personal injury case. For example, our truck lawyer and his team will go to the tractor-trailer to inspect the tractor-trailer themselves. Our truck accident lawyer knows what to look for, where to look for, to see whether maintenance caused the accident in your personal injury case. If your personal injuries were caused by driver fatigued, then our truck accident lawyer, Attorney Oscar may be able to prove this by auditing the driver logs. If the driver lied or “edited” the logs that caused the truck accident, our truck accident lawyer will be able to find the edit or the lie as our truck accident lawyer has audited hundreds of driver logs when he operated his own trucking company which was before he became the aggresive truck accident lawyer he is today. Thus, once liability is not disputed and Attorney Oscar has proved to the insurance company that the trucker was at fault, then below is the description as to how much money (Damages) you may be able to get for your Personal injury case involving a truck accident.

How Much Money Can I get from a Truck Accident?

There are 1) Economic Damages and 2) non economic damages. Economic damages are the monetary loss you suffered because of your accident. For example, due to the accident a client may likely have medical bills, future medical expenses, medication that comes with cost, transportation to and from medical facilities, if you are not able to work, Lost wages, loss of future wages, etc. There are also non economic damages which come from a subjective nature such as physical and emotional harm. In other words, all damages that do not involve personal finances. Such non economic damages may include Pain and suffering, Mental anguish, loss of consortium, permanent scarring, permanent disfigurement, etc.

Our truck accident lawyer will not back down, will not stop, and will keep aggressively pursuing all damages that our client is entitled to that California law recognizes. In your personal injury case, it is only about our client. We don’t settle until you receive the compensation you deserve. Our truck accident lawyer had always had a dream of being a truck accident lawyer, now that this dream is a reality, our truck accident attorney, attorney Oscar, really goes above and beyond in the pursuit of justice for all personal injury cases. Of course, all truck accident lawyers say that, but give us a call, and see for yourself how our truck accident lawyer is different.

If you have been involved in a truck accident, it is imperative that you speak with a personal injury lawyer that understands trucking. As previously discussed, our truck accident lawyer has lived trucking his entire life and we are able to analyze each truck accident from the trucking owner perspective. This type of view, truly, is one in a million, and we are humbled to say we are that one! How many other California personal injury lawyers that practice truck accidents do you know that has owned and operated a trucking company, chances are, less than a handful, if any. In addition, since our truck accident lawyer worked in trucking for 10 (ten) years before he was a personal injury attorney, our truck lawyer has made valuable relationships with truck mechanics, drivers, truck maintenance electricians, parts companies, trucking manufacturers, parts manufactures, trucking companies, shippers, receivers which helps attack any potential defenses that the trucking company may argue to avoid liability.

Thus, when dealing with truck accidents, our personal injury truck accident lawyer in West Covina, CA, with an office in Monrovia, truck lawyer Oscar Ischiu, understands how Trucking companies operate, how trucking accidents occur, why trucking accident occur, what steps trucking companies take to avoid liability in an event of a big rig accident causing personal injury, how trucking companies think, how truckers think, but most importantly, our Semi Truck Accident Personal Injury lawyer has lived trucking his entire life, thus putting our clients in a much better position.

If you were involved in a truck accident on i-10, truck accident on i-5, truck accident on i-15, truck accident on i-57, truck accident on i-134, truck accident on i-710, truck accident on i-101, truck accident on i-210, truck accident i-91, truck accident on i-40, truck accident on i-8, truck accident on i-280, i-880, i-580, i-205, or a truck accident in southern California, or a truck accident in California, in general, , our truck accident lawyer will be able to help you with your personal injury case, and damages to your car. Our truck accident lawyer covers the entire state of California!

Call our personal injury lawyer today, when calling please ask for the truck accident lawyer division at 626-514-1000. You will see for yourself how we are different.

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