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Not all Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawyers are created Equal.

Blue semi truck and flat bed trailer on sunny green and gold aut

First, and foremost, it is our strong opinion that no other Truck Accident Personal Injury Attorney in the State of California has as much trucking experience and knowledge as our truck lawyer, Attorney Oscar. Before he became a lawyer, Attorney Oscar was a Trucking company owner (owner-operator) dealing with daily trucking operations. In addition, Oscar grew up in a Trucking family, and helped his family grow their trucking company to more than 19 semi-trucks or “big rigs.” Thus, when dealing with truck accidents, our personal injury trucking accident lawyer, attorney Oscar, understands how Trucking companies operate, how trucking accidents occur, why trucking accidents occur, and what steps trucking companies take to avoid liability in an event of a big rig accident, but most importantly, our Semi Truck Accident Personal Injury lawyer knows how to take the initiative in a Semi Truck accident personal injury case. If you hire our big rig accident law firm, the trucking insurance company won’t understand why our truck accident lawyer is so knowledgeable in trucking.

About Trucking

A legally operated 18-wheeler (known as Semi, Semi truck, Semi Tractor-trailer, big rig, rig, tractor-trailer, truck and trailer or semi), or “Pumpkin” (that’s what truckers generally call a Schneider Trucking Company Semi, as the tractor-trailer are bright Orange), should weigh a maximum of 80,000 pounds gross weight. Gross weight means that the Semi truck must not weigh more than 80,000 lbs when loaded. An everyday car weighs about 5,500lbs, so taking the merits in perspective, this is why Trucking Accidents are so disastrous causing catastrophic injury. The question becomes, at what distance is required for an 18-wheeler semi-truck to stop?

Any other lawyer claiming to be a trucking accident lawyer will do a simple google search, and find the answer is more than 200 yards. Not our truck accident lawyer! Besides stating the obvious such as speed and climate, our big rig accident Personal injury Attorney knows that there are many other factors to determine this distance. For example, the conditions of the level ground, whether the tractor was a day cab or cabover, the Semi’s Tire’s Make & Model, conditions of the steer tires of the Semi, condition of the traction tires of the rig, condition of the trailer tires, whether the trailer tires were “recapped,” the life of the breaks, chambers, the type of engine of the Semi, the turbo make and model, whether the engine brake was in proper operation, and whether it was activated, semi-truck air leaks, if any (our attorney knows a lot about Trucking maintenance, but that’s for another time ), whether the trailer was loaded to a legal limit, whether the trailer was loaded adequately, the type of trailer (there are numerous types), whether the trailer had “skirts,” the type of semi, whether the tractor was bobtailing, etc. Personal Injury Trucking accident lawyer Oscar Ischiu can write for days on the multiple factors that contribute to the distance required for a big rig to stop. Again, not just a simple google search.

Trucking Companies Cheat?!

President Obama signed into Federal law a requirement that all motor carriers (trucking companies) are required to comply with electronic Hours of service. In layman’s terms, before 2012, all truckers manually “logged” their hours on paper (logbook). Being a truck driver comes with a lot of stress. Generally, truckers earn per mile, approximately .45 cents per mile. Thus, if their delivery at a facility is at 7 pm, but they are 2 hours away with only 30 minutes to drive for the day, legally the driver cannot make it. Well then you may ask, can’t the driver show up the next day? Or a couple of hours late? Absolutely Not! Many of these receivers operate by strict appointment only, to get another appointment would take a couple of business days. So, since drivers earn cents per every mile they drive, their priority is to drop the freight, drive to the next pickup, and do it all over again. Drivers and Trucking Companies do not earn by sitting. Unfortunately, when truckers are out of time to drive due to an unforeseen delay, yet far away from their delivery, before the electronic mandate, truckers would throw away the paper log and create a new one, which oftentimes meant the trucker magically had additional time to drive. The purpose of the electronic mandate was to avoid this and multiple types of scenarios.

Unfortunately, now instead of throwing paper away, many trucking companies “edit” the driver log from the home base, and thus, the big rig is on the road longer than what the law allows. This means you have a fatigued driver behind the wheel.

Oscar Ischiu, our Trucking Accident Personal Injury attorney can smell from a mile away when a trucking company has edited the logs. Oscar can detect and prove this by using his more than 10 years of trucking experience. Oscar knows how trucking companies think and operate, thus, our personal injury lawyer would absolutely dissect every single word or log that comes from the trucking company, thus being able to prove liability on the semi.

If you have been involved in a Car-Trucking Accident, it is imperative that you get a truck accident lawyer that not only understands trucking, but knows trucking. Our truck accident lawyer not only understands and knows trucking; he has lived trucking his entire life! Again, we dare say, that our truck accident lawyer Oscar Ischiu has more knowledge and experience in trucking than any other truck accident attorney in the entire state of California. These are some strong words, but we are confident in our assessment.
Contact our Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawyer, Oscar Ischiu today for a consultation, and see for yourself how we are different. When calling, please ask for the Trucking Accident Department at 626-514-1000.

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